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Ripcord was established by the legendary Bobby Gibson in 1967 and later operated by Gene Breeden. In its early years, artists such as Willie Nelson, Buzz Martin, Red Simpson, The Ventures and members of Kiss graced the halls of Ripcord. Although recording technology has changed, one of the most important aspects of this great recording studio has not - amazing sounding rooms! Ripcord was built on vibe, comfort, beautiful acoustics and has been updated with great new, vintage and custom gear. Ripcord is currently owned by Patrick Tetreault and has partnered with Scott Craig. Patrick and Scott have over 35 years of combined experience, creating a comfortable environment for every artist and making decisions that  serve every song.

Ripcord has become a hidden gem hosting artists such as The Features, Motopony, Tango Alpha Tango, The Slants, Priory, Drew Grow & The Pastors’ Wives, Kelli Schaefer, Amy Steeley, Kelly Jones, Ruth and Joe West.

When you walk into Ripcord, you can feel the historic vibe. It’s an inspiring atmosphere where you can create with purpose.


Patrick Tetreault - Producer / Engineer

Scott Craig - Producer / Engineer

Scott started his musical journey at age 7 when he first began to play piano. Since then he has learned a variety of instruments, studying Guitar with Max Reese (Body and Soul) and Upright Bass with Dr. Larry Zgonc. He began recording at 15 years old then attended the Art Institute of Seattle’s Audio Production program after graduating high school in 1995. Upon his return to Portland / Vancouver he worked in various venues as a live sound engineer and continued to produce music. More recently he has produced music for VH1, MTV Networks and Cheezy Flicks independent film and opened his first recording studio / graphic design company - The Digital Gorillas.

Scott has engineered, produced and or mixed for The Slants, The Sindicate, Philly’s Phunkestra, Chris Carpenter, Klien Klimp, Pepe & the Bottle Blondes, Satellite Heroes and Randy Cate (writer for Ted Nudgent & Dionne Warwick) to name a few.

Scott and his wife Annie also own Riverside Performing Arts, which is a performing arts school in downtown Vancouver since 2007.

2012 promises to be a great year. Scott has partnered with Patrick to help put this historic studio back on the map and give artists an amazing creative experience.

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